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Education in Bioinformatics

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BL5227: Bioinformatics for Molecular Medicine & Cell Biology with Advanced Current Topics.

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This module focuses on the practical use of computational biology & bioinformatics resources, and is aimed at Life Science graduate students with no previous knowledge of computational biology.

The intensive graduate module is to be conducted over ten days, consisting of interlaced lectures, demonstrations, practical work, and an out-of-class mini project. At the end of the module, students will present their work in a mini symposium. The module is divided into two parts: the first consists of essential bioinformatics or computational biology, focussing on fundamental practical knowledge applicable to many fields within biology. The second part focuses on current knowledge integration and analysis methods, and will make use of the basic knowledge gained during the primary part of the module. Teaching materials and methods are selected with an emphasis on practical usability to participants. The objective of the mini project is to allow students to immediately apply learned knowledge to their own research, and thus facilitate individually oriented learning. Module home page