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Education In Bioinformatics

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Education In Bioinformatics

Apply for Graduate Studies. The admission guidelines are established by the university. the minimum reguirement for admission with research scholarship is a B.Sc. degree. the yearly applications deadlines are 15 November and 15 May. more ...

Graduate level courses / modules

Bioinformatics for Molecular Medicine & Cell Biology with Advanced Current Topics, module code BL5227

Applied Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, KI course number 1972

Critical Thinking and Scientific Writing in Biology

Undergraduate level

Essential Bioinformatics and Biocomputing, module code LSM2104

S*Star Alliance - Free on-line introductory bioinformatics courses.

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Special Programme in Science - The programme was founded in 1996 to "nurture talent among budding scientists". It is an intense programme for a selected group of undergraduates with a fierce passion and strong aptitude for science.

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Module administration (password reguired)

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NUS-KI 2006 modules