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Education in Bioinformatics

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LSM2104: Essential Bioinformatics and Biocomputing

Prerequisite: LSM1101 or LSM1401

Workload: 26 lecture hours + 24 laboratory hours with MiniProject and Class Presentation

Introduction to biological databases and bioinformatics software. Sequence comparison algorithms and tools. Biomolecular 3D structure and modeling. Students will be introduced to bioinformatics theory, tools, and techniques . Practical Bioinformatics cover APBioKnoppix2 Software Package, EMBOSS sequence analysis, MySQL RDBMS relational database construction, BLAST and BLAST database building, Web-enabling of databases, Simple Unix Shell Scripting and PERL programs, Multiple Sequence Alignment with CLUSTALW and JalView, Molecular Phylogenetic Inference with PHYLIP, Rasmol and PyMol structural visualization, Homology Modeling and Structure Prediction with MODELLER and SWISSMODEL, Pathway visualization with Cytoscape. The MiniProject covers the practical application of bioinformatics tools towards solving a current computational biology problem. More..