microRNA target prediction

microRNA target prediction
from RNA duplexes

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MicroTar is a microRNA target prediction program based on mRNA sequence complementarity (3'-UTR seed matches) and RNA duplex energy prediction, assessing the impact of microRNA binding on complete mRNA molecules. It uses the RNAlib library from the Vienna RNA package.


MicroTar v0.9.6, 24 September 2008
This is a maintenance release that incorporates an updated ViennaRNA package, and performance enhancements.

Download one of the following source files:

The package bundles a minimal version of ViennaRNA 1.7.2, modified to compile only the RNAlib library.

Older versions


Enter the following commands to extract the files, configure and compile:

tar -zxvf microtar-0.9.4.tar.gz
cd microtar-0.9.4

You will now have a usable standalone microtar binary. Optionally to install MicroTar and libRNA:

make install

See the instructions on how to run MicroTar.

Open Source Licence

MicroTar is released under an OSI-approved New BSD Licence. Note that ViennaRNA has its own licensing terms. Licence files are also bundled in the appropriate directories in the installation package.


If you use MicroTar, please cite:
Thadani R, Tammi MT (2006). MicroTar: predicting microRNA targets from RNA duplexes. BMC Bioinformatics 7:S20. doi:10.1186/1471-2105-7-S5-S20.